Artist's Statement

Come back, dear Viewer,
I’m watching you, friend,
from inside my art.
See the body?
I make art so I can figure out
what I’m made of:
slouch of shoulder.
rising color.
fractured light.

Go ahead, laugh; there’s irony in my taking bodies apart --
call it video, paint, or installation –
your reaction is what pulls the pieces together.
Like Frankensteins, my creations wait
for the lightening of your gaze,
resurrected by the Unknown Viewer.

My installations are often figurative and turbulent. By forcing together paint, video and found materials, I create uneasy alliances between historic art-making (oil paint), modern technology (video) and the larger culture (found objects). I bring media together to heal what everyday life tears apart.

Below: "Moon Over Mammogram," 2012
Looped video projection, oil paint, canvas, beeswax, beehive cells, corn husks, lichen, newspaper, bubble wrap, cardboard, cloth, chicken wire, net, glue, mirrors, garters, fabric and elastic.
Dimensions variable