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My large painting is modeled after Ixion; like him, modern women find themselves tied to a fiery wheel.
Disgracer 4 (After Goltzius) Ixion: Women Murder their Guests on the Wheel of Reproduction
oil and ink on canvas
6' x 9'

After a disagreement about dowry, Ixion tricked his father-in-law to come to his house and murdered him. Not only was this kin-slaying but a violation of the Greeks' strong rules for hospitality. Ixion went mad, was taken pity on in Olympus, but eventually thrown out and his punishment was to be tied to a fiery wheel that was always spinning. To me, women who try to escape the burdens of women's biology are considered modern disgracers and we must sometimes kill the guests in our bodies. Whether it be birth control, abortion or sexual freedom, society punishes those who reach beyond their biology, trying to keep us tied to the wheel of reproduction.